8 out of 10 students don't smoke!        3 out of 5 students don't drink!      Most children like to be read to by their parents!        Most students buckle up!

DeKalb County Partnership for a Safe, Active and Family Environment (DCP/SAFE) is a local community coalition that has been serving DeKalb County, Illinois for the past 15 years.  DCP/SAFE began as a joint effort to reduce alcohol and tobacco advertising in the local school districts.  Out of this initial partnership has developed an intricate collaboration between community members, government, non-for-profit agencies and private industries.

Initially, DCP/SAFE concentrated on alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention, but  the coalition has grown under the direction of the current Steering Committee, DCP/SAFE is  now utilizing Environmental Prevention Strategies for the areas of: alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse, injury prevention, motor vehicle safety, literacy, violence prevention and general community health education.  Currently, our mission and goals are:


The DeKalb County Partnership for a Safe, Active and Family Environment is a community coalition promoting community based prevention, wellness and healthy lifestyles for youth, adults and the community as a whole.


DCP/SAFE meets the mission and goals that have been established through Action Groups which encompass the Partnership.  These Action Groups are listed at the top of this web page.  DCP/SAFE is always growing to meet the needs and desires of DeKalb County Community Members. Please feel free to contact DCP/SAFE to learn more.

Please contact us at:


12 Health Services Drive

DeKalb, IL 60115

815-756-4875 phone

815-756-2944 fax

[email protected]